Time Zombies

Time Zombies will take players through time travel into the dark and ominous back alleys of an abandoned English town in 1910.In order to survive, players must move and shoot to kill the charging army of undead coming from every direction.

Tournament Launch Date

With just a few dedicated sponsors, we will launch the Tournament starting in March 2018, Be prepared to come in now and start practicing, we offer a VIP pass for the entire year to play unlimited games per session for only $100. (see our pricing for more details)

Join the Zombie Squad NOW

Membership requires to join the Time Zombies Tournament 2018. For more info regarding the Zombie Squad click here. 

How long does the game last?

120 seconds is all you get for the first level. Even if you don't survive the first level, you can still rack up points by performing Headshot after headshots.


Escape To Virtual Reality will be keeping the scores and making sure that everyone is abiding by the rules. There's only one level which is the HARD level. 

For more details

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, scoring, partnership and sponsorship please contact me directly at nick@escape2vr.com