The Prime 13 Camera's

  • Megapixel resolution
  • Scalable GigE/PoE interface
  • 240 FPS tracking

3D precision and accuracy

  • It creates the most reliable 3D data on the Market
  • Accuracy and optimal conditions
  • Smooth and immersive experience

High Speed & Low Latency

  • The lowest latency on the market
  • it has been engineered to track interactions with imperceptible latency

Drift-free tracking

  • Accurately track a room with multiple HMD's
  • Easily add multiple cameras from the same family

Head Mounted Display, controller & body tracking

  • Able to track multiple HMD's, 
  • Controllers, Glasses, hands, fingers and even the entire body. 

The industry's most open optical tracking architecture

  • NatNet SDK is a free and open well documented to Optitrack's tracking and visualization technologies