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Escape To Virtual Reality is interested in offering this exciting, cutting edge technology at your next event! Easily book our shopfor your next event and let us create an unforgettable virtual reality experience your guests are sure to enjoy!

Perfect for birthday parties, wedding receptions, family get togethers, business meetings, social gatherings, corporate entertainment, or special events!

team building

  • You must work in teams to be able to beat the zombies or at the shoot out. 
  • You get to have fun along with a very unique thinking experience that will be remembered around the water cooler for a long time.
  • Players have to work together, communicate well, lead, follow, listen and believe in each other and possibly be ready to admit mistakes in order to score higher.

why come to us?

  • We are the first in california
  • Located in Downtown Los Angeles
  • We have head-to-head competitions!
  • We are a private room
  • We are air conditioned!
  • We have drinks, water, coffee & snacks
  • You can reserve the entire space for your corporate event!

what we offer

  • Two Virtual Reality Gaming System
  • Two 55" inch HDTV to watch others while they play
  • Screencast - record your gameplay and share it with friends and family on your social media
  • We have 24 hour access if you need it
  • We have an on duty armed security guard
  • We have high tech security cameras on the premises

share it with a smile

If you haven’t tried the latest virtual reality technology, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it and share it with your guests! Makes an amazing conversation topic and focus point for your guests. Rent our virtual reality services today and add an amazing VR experience to your party!


If you have any questions regarding any of these topics, please send us an email.

@escape2vr #escape2vr

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located in downtown los angeles

first large scale location-based virtual reality gaming arcare in california

escape to virtual reality (suite 711)

155 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90015, United States

(213) 536-5298

OPEN 7 days

Monday - Saturday:




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